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Consorzio Lavoro e Ambiente
Consorzio Lavoro e Ambiente
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Panglos is a tool to manage a Language Audit System for Training Priority and Training Path Definition.The projects' purpose is to develop a highly innovative audit system for big industries and Sme’s..

Flexible Training System defines  parameters in order to realise long distance training courses of high quality. gained the European Language Label for the kit “Basic English” for McDonald’s staff.

The Ministry of Labour inserted the project “Flexible Training System” inside the “National Catalogue of ESF Best Practice”.

The project helped Sme’s to use telework tools and to create a safe environment both for work and for lifetime.

Recall developed an European Quality Mark (EQM) for entities delivering informal and non formal training.

Flipped learning in Praxis is creating a network of universities, vocational schools and private firms to exchange best practice in flipped teaching and flipped tools.

The project aims to develop an active training methodology aimed at increasing the civic and social skills of young adults.

The purpose of this project is to help adult education centers to implement the digitalisation, the use of new technologies to make their lessons modern and interactive. The project include the creation of a standard module to train teachers and managers of adult centers.

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