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Lessons Learned during COVID
Transferability of Best Practice in European Education

BestEDU is a two-year project which emphasises on bringing together good practice
and innovative approaches in European education and training during Covid and
funded by the Erasmus+ EU programme for education, training, youth and sport.
ITALY - Tito Livio Mongelli interview- SKAL INTERNATIONAL ROME
ITALY - Angelo Candido interview - Federalberghi


The project will be carried out in four key phases:

 1   Gathering of regional, national and international innovative practices;
 2  Teacher training seminars both physical and online;
 3  Developing and documenting the adaptation of  
     different approaches within target groups;
 4  Disseminating and promoting open source toolkits
     and good practices.
DENMARK - Presentation ABSalon
ITALY - Massimo Abbate Interview - FICTUS
DENMARK - Presentation IBC
ITALY - Giuseppe Spadaro interview - FITEL

Lesson learning is a process through which individuals and organizations can acquire knowledge and skills by analyzing their own experiences and the experiences of others. It is a way to learn from past successes and failures in order to improve future performance.
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BEST EDU - Lesson learned during covid: transferability of best practice in european education  |  2020-1-IS01-KA226-VET-082796
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